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You’re going to get straight, no fluff, business advice from an industry leader. Find out what has worked, what has not worked, and what is a complete waste of time. The insight and ideas that are shared, can be related to any business size or type.

I also share any books, podcasts, or articles I have come across, as well as any investments I’m making. I’ll explain what I’m investing in and why. Anything that I find interesting or think may be helpful, I will share. My goal is to be transparent and create content that is going to help inform and educate you.

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What Readers Are Saying

“I am battling cancer and feel inspired in reading your blogs at times.”

Lori Stushek - American Family Insurance Agent

About Eric Soda

Eric Soda is an entrepreneur and investor. He owns one of the largest insurance agencies in the country for the Fortune 300 company that his agency represents. His team has been nationally recognized for its achievements and company sales records. Eric presents to businesses all over the country on ways to improve their sales, service and overall operations.

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